Welcome To Val's Ocean Pacific Seafood

We Know Seafood. We Know Fresh!

Not only do we know fresh, we're freaks about it! We love being wholesalers of fresh seafood. As one of the East Coast's premier seafood distribution companies, everything we do here at Val's serves one goal—to bring restaurants like yours the freshest seafood at the lowest price.

How does Val's offer the freshest seafood at the lowest price?

Val's Ocean Pacific has been a leader in the seafood industry for over thirty years. During that time we've cultivated exceptional relationships with local boats and fishermen all up and down the eastern seaboard. And our dedicated team of purchasers has worked vigilantly to find top quality seafood suppliers throughout the world. By purchasing direct from these sources, we pass the savings straight on to you.

What makes Val's Ocean Pacific a unique wholesale seafood distribution company?

  1. We're a family-run company comprised of 30 people who care passionately about what we 're doing, how we're doing it, and the people we 're doing it with. Started in 1982 by New York City native, Val Ricca, Val's has grown to include son, Allen, and a team of dedicated purchasers, processors, office staff, and drivers whose combined experience in the seafood industry spans decades. At Val's, customers, suppliers, and employees are family.
  2. We're dedicated to knowing absolutely everything we can about each of the products we sell. And our product line is...well, pretty darn big. Our line includes shrimp—the product that started it all—crab, lobster, oysters, mussels, clams, octopus, squid, scallops, and a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish. If we sell it, we know as much as possible about it.
  3. We maintain a commitment to honesty and excellence. We are proud of the level of service that we call "normal". Couple our service with a masterful knowledge of seafood and a fierce dedication to quality control, and you are assured that your customers enjoy the freshest, finest seafood available.

If you've ordered from us in the past then you know the quality and value of our products. We thank you for your patronage and support. If you've just opened your restaurant, please give us a try. We promise, you'll be as thrilled about our products as we are!

With Val's, "You're as close as you can get to buying off the boat!"